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The region around Tegernsee, Schlierachtal, Leitzachtal and Fischbachau is known for its rich culture and tradition. Many of the villages and towns in the region have retained their historic buildings and monuments, offering visitors a glimpse of the past.

Trachtenumzug im Leitzachtal und Schliersee

costume parades

An important tradition in the region is the annual costume festival, which is celebrated in many villages and towns. Here the locals wear their traditional costumes and there is folk music and folk dances. Customs are also maintained here and processions and parades take place.

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Birkenstein Pilgrimage Church

The Birkenstein pilgrimage church is a well-known pilgrimage site in the region. The church is on a hill and offers a magnificent view of the Alps. Construction of the church began in 1631 and has been expanded and renovated several times over the centuries. In the church you will find numerous paintings and statues, including a figure of Mary, which is considered a miracle sanctuary. The Birkenstein pilgrimage church is visited annually by numerous pilgrims who pray here for health, happiness and blessings.

Wallfahrtskirche Birkenstein dirket in der nähe der Ferienwohnung.
Freilichtmuseum mit bayrischer Kultur und Bauernhöfen

Wasmeier open-air museum

The Wasmeier Open-Air Museum is a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the traditional way of life and culture of the region. The museum consists of original historical buildings set in a spacious open-air area. Here visitors can gain insight into the life of the rural population of the past and admire traditional handicrafts.

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Impressive castles

Herrenchiemsee Castle is a magnificent castle on Herreninsel in Lake Chiemsee, near Fischbachau. It was built by order of the Bavarian King Ludwig II and was conceived as a "Bavarian Versailles". The castle is famous for its magnificent rooms, including the magnificent Hall of Mirrors and the impressive staircase. It is surrounded by a beautiful palace park and can be reached by ferry from Prien.

Tagesausflüge von Fischbachau aus an den Chiemsee und zu anderen Schlössern

Leonhardi 2022 November

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