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Fischbachau, located at the foot of the Breitenstein, is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers with many beautiful hikes and challenging climbing routes. The most famous hike is the ascent of the Wendelstein, while the Boden Schneid and Brecherspitz also offer nice alternatives. There are also many via ferratas such as the Rotwandlspitze and Risserkogel. 

Wandern am Tegernsee, Schliersee, Bayrischzell mit Blick auf den Wendelstein

The mountain calls!

Fischbachau, directly on the Breitenstein, is an ideal starting point for mountaineers to scale many impressive peaks in the area. The Breitenstein, Rotwand, Schinder, Risserkogel and Großer Traithen all offer spectacular views of the region and are easily accessible from Fischbachau.

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Enjoy the peaks comfortably

The Wendelstein is only a few minutes' drive from your holiday apartment. Whether you decide to hike or take the train, the Wendelstein offers a breathtaking view of the region. It is definitely a highlight for anyone visiting the area.

Aussicht vom Wendelstein in Miesbach
Wandern und spazieren in den Bergen und an der Leitzach in Fischbachau

Hiking along rivers and through Valleys

Regardless of the route you choose, the hiking trails around Fischbachau offer an unforgettable experience where you can experience and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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For demanding climbers

The Ruchenkopf offer climbing routes of various levels of difficulty, from easy to difficult. The via ferrata, which leads along the rock face via a secured ladder and ropes, is particularly suitable for beginners. Experienced climbers can also try out more difficult routes here and put their skills to the test.

klettern and Bergen rund um Fischbachau
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