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The region around Tegernsee, Schliersee and Leitzachtal offers a variety of lakes and pools that are perfect for a refreshing dip in the cool water.

Schliersee and Tegernsee

Baden am Schlierssee oder Tegernsee

One of the most famous lakes in the region is Tegernsee, which is surrounded by picturesque mountains and offers crystal clear water. There are several public lidos on the shore of the lake, such as the Rottach-Egern lido or the Seebad Gmund, which are ideal places for a relaxing day at the lake.

The Schliersee, 10 minutes away, is a popular destination for bathers. There are several lidos here, such as the Schliersee lido or the Neuhaus lido, which are suitable for families with children and offer various leisure activities.

Fischbachau outdoor pool

The Fischbachau outdoor pool is a popular destination for locals and tourists. It can be reached on foot from the town center and has a large lawn and a large pool. There is a separate area for children and a kiosk for snacks and drinks.

Warmfreibad in Fischbachau. Runtschen für Kinder und sportbecken für aktive Urlauber
Aktivität in Schliersee bei schlechtem Wetter

Indoor swimming pool Schliersee

Monte Mare Schliersee is a popular leisure attraction in the region, especially when the weather is bad. The leisure pool offers various opportunities for relaxation and fun for the whole family.

Mountain lakes to fall in love with

The Soinsee and the Chiemsee are beautiful bodies of water in the region. The Soinsee is a crystal-clear mountain lake at an altitude of 1,458 meters that attracts hikers and nature lovers. The Chiemsee, about 40 minutes away, invites you to a relaxing day trip.

Urlaub umgeben von den Schönsten Bergseen in Miesbach
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